Although I taught the "Arrow To My Heart" class for several years, I was reluctant to release the pattern because I found that I always needed to demo some of the trickier sections of the project. Luckily, I am now able to offer this course with both written instructions and many videos to create the pendant.

As a designer/instructor, I find it's often difficult to describe or photograph the steps when creating structured pieces, and that's where the videos are fantastic! Students can watch how it’s done, and ask questions in the Comments, just as if I was in the classroom and giving a demo. Plus, the videos are always there as reference, simply because you've enrolled in the course... What could be better than that?

The written instructions will guide you through the steps needed to build all the parts of the pendant by using photos in each step. There is a lot of interaction between the written instructions and the videos, and I invite you to review the Overview video below to see some of them.

Here I am at the Fall 2019 Heart of Texas Bead Retreat wearing my "Arrow To My Heart" pendant. I think it's a nice size to wear on a 21" strap...

The video below highlights key pages in the written instructions, while showing the interplay between them and the videos.

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